Aly Cunynghame

Systematic Kinesiologist

Aly Cunynghame Portrait

Aly is a qualified Systematic Kinesiologist, bodyworker, and intuitive guide, with a deep passion for helping people connect with their innate wisdom by giving their body a voice. With a strong focus on the mind-body connection, Aly uses her gifts to help people safely come back into the body, allowing them to identify and process what needs to be felt so they can gain more clarity and get to the root cause of an issue.

Aly uses her perceptive wisdom and intuitive guidance to bring unconscious themes into the light, assisting people on their healing and self discovery journey. Aly has a wealth of experience supporting people with many different issues and ailments, working to address them on physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels to promote alignment and balance.

Aly’s multi-faceted and trauma-informed approach offers an array of tools to help individuals to identify their needs, to let go of what is no longer serving, and come back to wholeness. It brings Aly so much joy to be of service and hold a safe space for people to heal.

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