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Freya is a Holistic Massage therapist trained at The Bodyology School of Massage, London. Her style draws from a knowledge of deep tissue, myofascial release and energy body work. She is interested in the power of mind-body connection and came to massage looking for a holistic way to help those struggling with anxiety and low mood. By holding a safe space where conversations around self care can flow, she has found there is a real need for people to be listened to when it comes to mind and body health.

Working with the idea that healing can be an immersive experience she is always exploring ways in which to introduce this into her practice. By working with sound bowls and specially selected music, she curates ambient soundscapes to send you into relaxation. The use of essential oils with healing properties such as cooling eucalyptus for immflamation, soothing rose for enchancing mood and grounding palo-santo also compliments the treatment. She continues her research into herbalism, in particularly herbal footbaths which are offered as part of her longer treatments.

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