Tara Mulvihill

Reiki practitioner

Reiki Master (Level 3) practitioner, member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Irish nationality living and working in London the past three years.

Certificates: L1 qualification Ireland, L2 qualification Ireland, L2 qualification UK. L3 qualification UK.

Qualified Art and Design teacher working specifically with children who have special educational needs and disabilities ranging from Autism, ADHD to emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Interest in Art therapy specifically the benefits of alternative therapies for holistic development in both children and adults including Reiki, yoga, meditation, Art and Music.

The practice has brought me on a unique journey of growth and healing. It has had such a profound impact that I decided to make it part of my life and share with others as my teachers have shared with me.

Booking / Enquiries

mobile : 07380298300

email : lilacreiki@outlook.com

Instagram : lilacreiki20

Treatments offered by Tara Mulvihill