Acupuncture is a gentle therapy which works by regulating the nervous, circulatory and immune systems of the body to promote the body’s healing response.

Chinese medicine views pain, illness and emotional upset as a disruption of the body’s vital energy, or qi. Acupuncturists help to regulate the qi flow using needles and massage. By restoring the qi flow acupuncture has an effect on the entire body, so in addition to treating a specific condition, patients also notice improvements in their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Acupuncture is often used by couples who are trying to conceive either naturally or with medical assistance such as IVF. It is also a very safe and effective method of treatment at any stage of pregnancy.

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Initial treatment

The initial consultation will involve a discussion about your condition and your medical history. Your therapist will also ask questions about your lifestyle and general health. This helps to provide a holistic picture of you and your condition, allowing the acupuncturist to develop an individualised treatment plan. Your pulse, tongue and abdomen will be examined before commencing treatment.

60mins : £60

Follow up treatment

Follow up treatments consist of a brief consultation to discuss your progress before we continue with your individualised treatment plan.

60mins : £60

Course of 6 treatments

It is usual to require a course of treatments in order to obtain the best treatment effect.

6x 60mins : £330

Tara Rivero Zea

Tara Rivero Zea is an experienced acupuncturist and a busy mum of four who is passionate about using her knowledge of Chinese Medicine to support women in all aspects of women's health.