Acupuncture for Children

Acupuncture for children is safe, quick and very effective. The treatment only lasts about 5 minutes and is well tolerated by most children. Tara uses a special "Gentle Needle" technique and she also has a laser pen for those children who are nervous. Usually only about 4 points are chosen and the needle is quickly inserted and immediately withdrawn.

Your child does not have to stay still, and younger children are needled whilst sitting on a parent's lap. They usually respond very quickly to treatment.

Many childhood illnesses can be treated with acupuncture including reflux, colic, insomnia, bedwetting, teething, recurrent infections such as tonsillitis, asthma, eczema, cough and many more.

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Tara Rivero Zea

Tara Rivero Zea is an experienced acupuncturist and a busy mum of four who is passionate about using her knowledge of Chinese Medicine to support women in all aspects of women's health.