Deep Tissue Massage / Swedish Massage

Releasing tension and facilitate healing

Massage is an important tool for releasing tension and emotional build up in the body. Often we carry around years worth of stress and emotions in our muscles and fascia, and we need support to help clear it.

Swedish massage allows the client to facilitate their body’s ability to heal. It’s a wonderful relief for stress and anxiety and can release tight and tense muscles, aid in digestion, improve circulation and sleep quality, stimulate the lymphatic system and balance the body.

Deep Tissue Massage assists to physically break down trigger points or muscle "knots" which are bands of rigid and tight muscle that can be painful and tender to touch and can cause great discomfort. I believe that when we physically release this tension, we also release trapped emotion.

Deep Tissue Massage aids as a powerful stress relief. It has all the same benefits as Swedish Massage with the added trigger point release to help the body let go of deep tension and support the feeling of being back at home and comfortable in the body again. Deep Tissue can benefit everyone but is particularly wonderful for tired overworked bodies, tension, stiffness, tightness and deeper ongoing pains from poor posture.

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Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage

60min : £70

Aly Cunynghame

Aly is a qualified Systematic Kinesiologist, bodyworker, and intuitive guide, with a deep passion for helping people connect with their innate wisdom by giving their body a voice. With a strong focus on the mind-body connection, Aly uses her gifts to help people safely come back into the body, allowing them to identify and process what needs to be felt so they can gain more clarity and get to the root cause of an issue.