Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a therapeutic discipline that primarily uses the medicinal properties of plants. It has been used throughout the history of humankind, all over the world, with many plants still used today. Modern herbal medicine draws on this traditional knowledge but also incorporates modern research and understanding of the plants and also the human body.

By carrying out thorough assessments based on discussing your health and sometimes with physical exams such as checking you blood pressure, medical herbalists take a holistic approach to their therapy. Recommendations on diet and lifestyle are often made alongside the provision of herbal preparations.

Herbal medicine can aid in the management of a variety of conditions such as hormonal imbalances, digestive problems and joint and muscular complaints.

Booking / Enquiries

Contact Sonya Elnaschie

mobile : 07480051370

email : info@hawthornintegrated.com


Initial consultation

A personalised report of findings and advice will be emailed following the consultation. Price of herbal products (and postage if required) is additional.

60—75mins : £60

Follow-up Consultation

This will include further history taking and physical assessments if necessary, a review of your progress and the opportunity to discuss how your herbal programme should proceed. Price of herbal products (and postage if required) is additional.

30 - 45mins : £45

Sonya Elnaschie

Sonya Elnaschie is a Medical Herbalist. Combining her experiences of working within mainstream and complementary health care ensures the provision of a high standard of care. Sonya firmly believes in providing not just the physical support herbal medicine offers but giving her clients the tools to create and maintain positive changes in their lives.