Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a therapeutic discipline that primarily uses the medicinal properties of plants. It has been used throughout the history of humankind, all over the world, with many plants still used today. Modern herbal medicine draws on this traditional knowledge but also incorporates modern research and understanding of the plants and also the human body.

By carrying out thorough assessments based on discussing your health and sometimes with physical exams such as checking you blood pressure, medical herbalists take a holistic approach to their therapy. Recommendations on diet and lifestyle are often made alongside the provision of herbal preparations.

Herbal medicine can aid in the management of a variety of conditions such as hormonal imbalances, digestive problems and joint and muscular complaints.

We currently don’t offer Herbal Medicine at Leyton Holistic and are currently looking for a new Medical Herbalist. If you are an Medical Herbalist (or know of one) who might be interested then please get in touch with Quentin or Leti on 07468 331 450.