Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Complementary healthcare in the naturopathic tradition

Herbal medicine is a form of complementary healthcare in the naturopathic tradition that takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and seeks to treat the whole person - not just the condition. Compared to conventional medicine, Herbalists take a more holistic, naturopathic approach and aim to improve the overall health by analyzing and treating the underlying imbalances in the body, taking into consideration diet, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle choices

The use of herbal remedies has been an effective and proven form of medicine since the beginning of time. Long standing in both traditional and medical usage, herbs and plant chemicals – Phytochemicals – are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry in the creation of medications, one of the most famous of which, Aspirin, having its roots in herbology; salicylate acid being a derivative of the bark of the humble Willow.

Corina practices Western Herbal Medicine based on European knowledge and traditions, with influences of Native American Herbalism and the Asian Health Systems of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As a Naturopathic practitioner, Corina embraces many techniques to support her Herbal Treatments, including using remedies such as Bach flowers and Tissue Salts, promoting Naturopathic Nutrition to cleanse and detoxify the body and Massage using traditional Ayurvedic and Siddha Marma practices to relax, realign and rebalance the body and soul.

Iridology and Ayurvedic practices are important tools in identifying a predisposition to weakness in the body and vital to the prevention of systemic disease. The Naturopathic practitioner will call upon these tools to both build a picture of a client’s underlying health and to direct the treatment through natural methods of healing, promoting the client to take control of their own recovery.

Classic Health Consultation

This intimate analysis undertaken by Corina is aimed at understanding the nature of the client’s condition, with discussions focused on finding and treating the root cause of underlying symptoms. Combined with her iridology analysis, using photos of the iris, Corina will compile a comprehensive picture of a client’s systemic health. This package includes:

  • One hour Consultation: Review of client health, diet and lifestyle, including current medicine and supplements.
  • Iridology: Using photos taken of the client’s iris to determine body health and condition.
  • Post-consultation treatment plan: Tailored for you, this includes explanations of herbal remedies and lifestyle advice (herbs, teas and remedies sold separately).

Stress Management Treatment

Life for many of us has become increasingly hectic and stress is creeping ever more into our lives.

With this stress focused treatment, Corina hopes to relieve you of this burden and nurture an atmosphere of calm, both within your immediate environment, and more importantly from within your own self.

This package includes:

  • One-hour Consultation: Review of health, diet and lifestyle, including current medicines and supplements.
  • Iridology: Using images of the client’s iris to determine the effects of stress on organ health.
  • Post-consultation treatment plan: Tailored for you, this includes explanations of herbal remedies and lifestyle advice specifically targeted at stress management (herbs teas and remedies sold separately).
  • One-hour Ayurvedic Abhyanga or Siddha Marma Massage: This calming and restorative massage is a vital element of the Stress Management Treatment plan, to reduce the effects of long-term stress. Abhyanga is often prescribed to amplify the effects of the herbal treatment by relaxing and opening the body to the healing process.

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Corina Mueller

As a qualified Naturopathic Master Herbalist, Iridologist and a professional Ayurvedic Massage therapist and Seated Acupressure Massage Therapist, Heal & Relax founder Corina Mueller brings a unique passion to her field by successfully combining Western, Asian and North American naturopathic traditions.