Pure Energy Healing

Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.) is a normal ability of healing we all naturally have within us. Pure Energy Healing is guided by a Healer when they are connected in mind, body and spirit. It is important to heal oneself before supporting others in their healing path. When a Healer is authentic in their preparation they can invite the highest vibration to assist in the healing process. Pure Energy Healers help the client to transition from a lower energy vibration to a higher one and in the process all negative energy that may be stuck in parts of the body is cleared and transmuted through an intuitive process. The client is actually the healer because they have made the decision to receive healing. The Healer is just the vessel to allow the stream of universal energy to flow their body and blast the client with positive energy, resulting in healing.

During a session, clients can experience various sensations in their body. They may feel a sense of relief, harmony and balance as old and stuck energy is shifted. They may feel short sharp pains as energy lifts and shifts. A Pure Energy Healing session often facilitates clients in seeing things in a new light and gives different perspective on past issues. Clients often feel a deep sense of peace after the session, enabling them to feel a sense of repair and reparation, mind body and soul. Tears are often released leading to a floating and free feeling in the body. Clients often awaken in quite a euphoric state.

Clients frequently fall into a deep sleep – the P.E.R.S.P; Pure Energy Restorative Sleep Pattern. Pure Energy Healing is safe and non-intrusive. The hands are a receptacle for healing during a non-touch energy guidance.

Pure Energy Healing method supports people in healing their body, mind and spirit through introducing a force of positive vibration; enriching their spiritual development; discovering their passion; activating gratitude; peace; happiness and igniting a general positive outlook on life.

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Pure Energy Healing

1 ½ hr session includes time for reflection at the end of session

90mins : £75

Marilynn Figueira

Marilynn is an experienced Psychotherapist with a training specialism in using the arts as an option to process and explore difficult feelings and emotions.