For centuries, tarot has been used as a tool to reflect one’s current vibration back to them. It is a mirror. Our mental/emotional belief distortions can block us from seeing ourselves as we are, or from seeing a situation as it is. Tarot can assist in bringing the unconscious to light. It can provide valuable insights and new perspectives to any situation or issue we are dealing with. Tarot is a tool for reflection. It is a gateway to the realm of intuition. With its intricate symbolism evolving from many different cultures, its archetypal wisdom visually stimulates the unconscious mind.

Carl Jung used archetypes in his concepts. Jung felt that each different archetype represents universal patterns and images that are part of the collective unconscious, and that we inherit these archetypes much in the way we inherit instinctive patterns of behaviour. For example, we often inherit our caregiver’s perspectives and behaviour, being hardwired in our formative years, and we can inherit their archetypes too.

“We can predict the future, when we know how the present moment evolved from the past.” -

Carl Jung

As a card reader, I have a strong focus on helping people understand and unravel their discomforting current life experiences. Because the present is connected to the past, we can understand more about our present experiences by addressing our past. Through looking at our behaviour, patterns, cycles and thought processes, we can shed light on our current situation.

We can find alignment, understand ourselves deeper and prioritise our needs. With the aid of the wisdom of the tarot cards, I offer spiritually channelled advice that helps people move forward and experience liberation from blocks or situations which disempower them.

A general reading can help one to:

  • Solve problems
  • Move through difficult situations and triggers
  • Build greater self compassion
  • Find direction
  • Increase self-empowerment
  • Bring clarity and guidance through to the next stage of life
  • Support the embracing of the best version of self
  • Support the remembrance of one’s wholeness

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Tarot Card Reading

60min : £70

Aly Cunynghame

Aly is a qualified Systematic Kinesiologist, bodyworker, and intuitive guide, with a deep passion for helping people connect with their innate wisdom by giving their body a voice. With a strong focus on the mind-body connection, Aly uses her gifts to help people safely come back into the body, allowing them to identify and process what needs to be felt so they can gain more clarity and get to the root cause of an issue.