Thai Yoga Massage

Head to foot massage treatment

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is an ancient healing art, handed down from teacher to pupil since the third century BC.

Thai yoga massage is a deep, full-body treatment that begins at the feet and ends at the head.

The therapist uses gentle stretching and applied Hatha Yoga postures together with fingers, hands, feet, and elbows applying pressure to important points of the “Sen" energy lines of the body, and aimed at unlocking the body’s healing potential, harmonising, and restoring the natural energy flow of client’s body.

The Thai technique differs from a regular massage in that the client is fully clothed.

Thai Yoga Massage is extremely effective in treating frozen shoulder, back pain, sciatica, poor posture, and stress or fatigue. Other benefits include great flexibility in the joints, enhances blood circulation and better aligns the body.

Originating in India and strongly linked to Buddhism, TYM is always practised in a meditative mood. It is said to be "the physical application of loving kindness"

TYM can be done on anyone: young, old, healthy or unwell. There’s no need to practice yoga or to be flexible to receive Thai yoga massage.

Let’s discuss about your aches, pains or needs to offer you a tailor-made treatment.

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Thai Yoga massage

Full body

60 mins : £60

90 mins : £80

120 mins : £100

Thai Reflexology

60 mins : £55

Thai Pregnancy or Classic pregnancy massage

60 mins : £60

90 mins : £80

120 mins : £100

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Charlotte Guezian

Charlotte is a yoga teacher and Thai bodyworker. She has trained and practised different styles of bodywork over the last 15 years, and while traveling in Thailand in 2015 she fell in love with Thai Yoga massage. She's specialised in Thai medicinal herbs, Thai reflexology & pregnancy massages.